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Wingsurfing - UK scene

Okay so wingsurfing is big news in the winter resorts across the world, but what's the scene like in the UK? Ridingzone spoke to James Colacicco, UK rep for Skywings makers of Kitewing.

So James, what's the appeal of wingsurfing?
"There are so many possibilities for wingsurfing that it's hard to put the appeal into words! It's often ridden on snow but you can ride the wing with anything that has wheels and I often ride on outback mountain boards. Like most free action sports, it's best to try it for yourself."

What's the history of wingsurfers in the UK?
"I have just got involved with Skywings but I can see that there will be a trend set this summer with skaters both in liners and quads. It is a great way to get around and the wing is extremely light for the power it can create and riding with it is quite simple."
Mountainboard landsailing

Landsailing with the kitewing

Are there any clubs or top UK spots for people to give it a go?
"The Kitewing is so new to this country I cannot recommend any places to ride yet. However if the wings are going to be used with skates all long open pathways will be popular, so places like Brighton sea front or any other sea front with a promenade. Otherwise there is the option of riding off-road with mountain boards or off-road skates, this is what I do as you can ride almost everywhere."

John is based in Horsham, West Sussex about 30 minutes south west of Gatwick airport so if you want to find out more or maybe demo the sail, get in touch at [email protected] or call on Mobile: 078 1111 6735.

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