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Extreme sports ski jump We promote wind powered ecological and innovative summer and winter sports! We focus on new action and extreme sports for both summer and winter use. is a free extreme and action sports news, article, review, picture and video clip resource.

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We cover stories and info about kitewings, kite surfing, ice sailing and ice boating, skate sailing, landsailing, mountainboarding, snowboarding, skiing, sports history, and more. We also provide sports gear and equipment reviews and online sports shops and store listings.

Extreme and action sports

Discuss kitesuring, kitewings etc. Kitewing and kitesurfing discussion forum.

Extreme and actions sports online forum Extreme and actions sports online forum. Discuss kite surfing, wingsailing, ice sailing and other action sports. Take a look or answer our online extreme sports poll.

Extreme and action sports

Extreme sports or action sports are sports is a general term for a collection of sports that often feature a combination of speed, height, danger and stunts. The definition of 'extreme sport' is evolving and during the 1970-80's, only sports such as hang gliding have been considered extreme. Today, the definition has evolved to include sports that offer adrenaline rushes as well. Snowboarding, snowblading, skateboarding, kite surfing etc. are classified as extreme or action sports.

Several of the sports have gained their reputation as being 'extreme' because they are a variation of a safer sport that is performed at a greater level of difficulty. An example of this type of extreme sport would be kite surfing or wingsailing with the Kitewing. While "normal" ice sailing is often considered to be relatively safe, the modification of adding high speed with jumps would not be considered safe for the average ice or kite surfer.

Winter sports

A traditional action or extreme winter sport is snowboarding. Ice sailing, ice surfing, kite surfing, wing sailing, skate sailing etc. are also extreme winter sports. As we have a focus on wind powered extreme and action sports we like to cover stories, review action sports gear and kite equipment that can be used with a snowboard, skiis, snowblades, free skates etc. also covers info, pictures, gear and eqipment reviews about traditional ice boating and snow sailing.

Summer sports

Extreme summer sports are skateboarding, landsailing, mountainboarding, roller-blading, etc. As we have a focus on wind powered action sports we like to cover stories and review action gear like kite buggies and other sail or kite equipment that can be used in combination with gear like a waterboard, mountainboard or roller blades.

Sports shops

winter sports,kite surfing,ice sailing,skate sailing,ice surfing Find extreme sports gear! Find the best and most reliable action and extreme sports shops. Info on where to buy action and extreme sports equipment, gear, clothes and footwear. Sports books and magazines can be found on our sports books page.

Sports news

Free online action and extreme sports news, articles and stories. What´s the difference between traditional sailboards, ice sailing with ice boats and skate sailing - maybe you will find the answer by browsing our ice sailing categories pages. Or what´s the difference between the Kitewing and kite surfing? Read more >>

Sports pictures

winter sports Our sports picture section has a free extreme sports picture and wallpaper galley. Extreme sports movies are also available. The galley includes kite surfing, kitewing, skate sailing and ice sailing pictures.