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Send ideas, comments and questions to contact "at" is the largest (and the best :-) site on the internet covering winter and ice sailing. The idea of this web site is to promote wind powered sports in general. We have focused on extreme and innovative winter sports. The site map for Wind Sports.

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Wind Sports has over 5 000 visits a month with some 20 000 - 30 000 page views. In the year 2002 we had 20 000 unic visitors. Over 50 % of the visitors came via search engines using search strings such as; winter sports, yahts, sailing pictures, ice surfing, ice sailing, extreme winter sports, kite, ice board, land board sailing, winter windsurfing etc.

In other words the audience is highly targeted. Most visitors come from North-America and Europe.

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Title: Wind Sports
Description: Information, news, pics and resources about wind powered extreme sports. Kite surfing, ice sailing, ice boating, skate sailing, kitewings and other action winter sports.

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Extreme sports ski jump We promote wind powered ecological and innovative summer and winter sports! We focus on new action and extreme sports for both summer and winter use. is a free extreme and action sports news, article, review, picture and video clip resource.