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Winter and ice sailing categories: Kites and kite surfing

Kite skiing is kite surfing in winter. In this W.I.S.S.A.* race class the sailor stands on any type of sled, skis, snowblades, free skates or a snowboard to control a kite (or kite train) with control lines. The maximum line length allowed is 50 meters. Kevlar and metallic flying lines are not allowed.


Wipika kites and kite picture and kite boarding equipment Wipika kites are good for traditional kite surfing and kite boarding, but also for kite skiing (kite surfing in winter). What about Off-road rollerskating or buggy/parakart riding with the Wipika sail?

Winter kite skiing, surfing gear and picture You can sail against the wind, over snow-covered hills or lakes, and even up steep mountains. A light breeze is enough to get moving. With experience you can exceed speeds of over 50 mph! The skiseil, like many other winter kites is quite easy to handle. In kite skiing you control the direction with your skis. Homepage: Skisail

Concept Air
Kite surfing winter sports Kite skiing is possible with Concept Air kites. Most kite skiing kites hardly weighs more than 1 kg. The manufacturer also says It´s a child's game to make it fly. It's 4 lines system permits you to take off and land anytime you want to.

It is also an unique acrobatic kite. The use of a harness is strongly recommended in order to fully enjoy the activity. Lines of sheathed Kevlar, polyamide bridles (Spectra) and very robust handles of ergonomic shape that won't drop you at -30 or +30 C.

* World Ice and Snow Sailing Association