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The Kitewing sails are ultralight sails designed for sailing on ice and snow with normal downhill skis, a snowboard or skates. The symmetrical wing acts as a flying rig and is kept freely by the surfer in both hands.

Special attention has been paid in the development to making the rig light, strong and durable. The sail cloth is made of light polyester (dacron) or a combination of monofilm and reinforced K-ply film, which lets you wingsail at temperatures below -30 C. The sails are manufactured by Neil Pryde Ltd.

Required wind velocity for wingsurfing is 3 m/s on ice and 5 m/s on packed snow. Ideal wind speed for wingsurfing is 6-12 m/s. A skilled sailor can handle the wing in 15-20 m/s winds and can reach speeds of 70-100 km/h (44-62 mph). Because of the wing's aerodynamic properties, a skilled sailor can make jumps with the wing.

The International World Ice and Snow sailing Association (WISSA) awarded the Kitewing its "Best Design"award in 1994. Homepage: Kitewing

Kitewing - the manufacturer speaks

The Kitewing is an ultra light hand-held wing developed by young riders searching for a new form of fun.

The Kitewing is an action sport's wing for anybody with the right attitude: YOU set the limit, not the gear nor the conditions.

In-line skates, Skateboard, Dirtsurf or Mountainboard. On the beach, backcountry, field, road, parking lot or urban street.

Skis, Snowboard, Ice-skates. On frozen lakes, frozen canals, frozen sea, skiing hills or on packed snow.

Whatever or wherever. Any cool gear or any open flat surface is great. The only limit is our own mind.