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Sports book online sport shops - Racing the Ice to Cape Horn. The 246 page sea adventure gives a spellbinding account of Guernsey's marathon competition against himself and the Antarctic elements.
Sailing book . This book covers every aspect of beginning sailing - from hoisting sail to docking and anchoring - and specifically prepares the learner to qualify for sailing certification according to international standards.
Books about sailing: Sailing for Dummies . Sailing for Dummies is a great book to have on board your boat, an awesome gift for a friend whether they are an old salt or a newcomer. And if you are looking at getting into sailing - Sailing for Dummies is your guide!
Snowboarding book . The swing, the turn, the ollie, the indie, the tail grab, and power riding are some of the exciting moves shown in full-color action photos. For experts only, Full color.
Telemark skiing book . Allen & Mike's Telemark skiing book. If telemark skiing was easy, it would be called snowboarding. Even so, this book is a great introduction to the sport. Lots of fun!
Free heel skiing book . Free-Heel Skiing: Telemark, Parallel and more. Parker does a great job with this book. Reading Parker's book you can feel yourself linking turns. This book covers a lot and is great for newbies and experienced skiiers.

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