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Popular online sports betting web sites. Here is a list of popular and respected sports betting web sites. satisfies the world's thirst for sports betting by offering live odds on football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, auto-racing and more. Straight wagers, parlays, teasers, futures and props are accepted. With over 15 years experience in gaming.

TradeSports is the leading US betting exchange and has members from 121 countries. is a person-to-person trading "Exchange". It allows you to trade in the most innovative, transparent and fun way on sport betting, entertainment and similar events. TradeSports members trade directly with each other, bypassing the Sportsbook. Bettors benefit from up to 20% better odds compared to traditional sportsbooks. Football, golf baseball and more.

Incorporated and authorized in 2002 to offer its services, TradeSports Exchange Limited is a Dublin based Republic of Ireland limited company. The Allied Irish Bank provides banking facilities. TradeSports has been featured on CNBC and other various sports and business programs.

Sportingbet is a fully interactive sports betting and casino service; you can view prices, fund your account, place bets and check your winnings all online and in real time, whenever you like.

They cover the world's most popular international and US sports. They also feature a number of additional sports and special events ranging from motorsport, boxing, athletics, international competitions and even politics; you'll find all of these under the Other Sports section.