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Ice sailing

Ice sailing or ice boating, winter sailing, hard water sailing etc. is a sport that has been around since the 18th century, when a dutch made a solution for transporting goods over frozen lakes. By the mid-1800's, ice sailing spread to the United States, where it caught on as a hobby for wealthy sailors. The evolution of the ice sailing boats is that the boats got smaller and faster. One of the first boats of this kind, dubbed the "Skeeter," is still popular today across the U.S. and Canada. The most popular model or class today is the DN. DN ice boats were introduced it in the mid 1930's.

Zaby Iceboat

Zaby iceboat - ice sailing or iceboating Claude lambelet: "Fascinated by the sport of sailing since I was very young, yachting and ice boating professional since 50 years, this rich experience and so many decades of DN and Nite sailing on most european frozen sites, gave me the idea of ZABY". The iceboat is very light, the fuselage can be loaded on a cartop with the runner plank; mast, headboard tube, sail, boom and runners in the car. Homepage: Zaby iceboat.

Ice Flyer
Sailing on ice with a ice boat - ice boating Ice Flyer is a 12 foot by 8 foot "sail behind the pilot" ice boat which uses any off the shelf windsurfing sail. The first prototype of Ice Flyer was built in early 1993 and is basically an adaptation of the larger sail behind the pilot skeeter ice boats. The controls are simple and the boat is well behaved making it a good choice even for a beginner.
The Ice Flyer is easy to car top and the stable dynamics and proportionately higher front runner weight give the boat great maneuverability and an additional level of safety if the wind picks up. Homepage: Ice Flyer.

Isabella Iceboat
Isabella iceboat icesailing Isabella iceboats are designed by Bernd Stymer of Sweden. These ice boats utilize off-the-shelf componentry including windsurfer sails and DN iceboat runners. They reach top speeds of 65 MPH. Homepage: Isabella iceboat.